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Freedom and Purpose

“I moved to Savannah a little over a year ago and for the longest time, I struggled with feeling settled here. It wasn’t until going through the FREEDOM Connect Group and conference that the Lord began opening my eyes to his reason for bringing me here. He also showed me what was distracting me from seeing my purpose were little lies which robbed me of my fullest potential in Christ. In Ephesians, Paul says to put on the shoes of readiness by the gospel of peace. The peace that was won from releasing all the leaches from the past is how I can be the most effective for his kingdom. To God be the glory!” - Jacob

Finally Found HOME

“We have lived in Savannah for almost two years. We moved from Virginia, where we had a great church family. My daughter and I went to several area churches and just did not find the right fit. I was depressed and told my husband in December that I was probably going to have to talk to the doctor about going back on antidepressants. 

One day this past January, when I came home from work, my mom said, ‘You got some mail that I think you will like over there.’ I looked at it, and it was a mailer from The Dwelling Church! I read over the information and burst into tears! My mom smiled and said, ‘That’s the one, isn’t it?’

I came the first weekend and loved the service and the people. I came the following week, and when I walked in, some of the serve team remembered my name. I felt like I belonged here and that this was God fulfilling a promise that I would again have a church family to worship with and do life with! 

I am so grateful that the Akridges listened to the call to plant here in Savannah and for everyone on the launch team who made room for me. You all are the best!”  - Bobbie