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Neck Pain Gone

(Testimony of healing from ministry time on October 27, 2019)

Last Sunday, at the end of service Pastor Gunter asked "Does anyone need prayer for neck , shoulder, or jaw pain?" I'm thinking, “Oh, yes! Me!!! He says, "Just head up to our prayer team and ask to receive your healing today!" That's exactly what I did. I struggle with recurring knots in my upper back. The pain alternates between my shoulder blades and neck on both sides.

That morning I definitely realized the tightness on my right side of my neck when I woke up. So when he was so specific with the need for prayer I knew this could be the time that I could be freed from this pain. Pastor Bethany led the prayer for my healing as others touched and agreed. I was claiming the victory as she prayed. She even said the area she was praying over what heating up so she was declaring my healing.

Here I am six days later with NO ISSUES! I haven't had to have my weekly massage and that in its self is such a blessing!!! Glory be to God!!! - Sha