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God Sees Me

Moving back to Savannah was not my plan in 2018. However, due to life circumstances, I found myself moving back to Savannah as a working, single mom of four. Even though this was a tough time and move, I saw God in every move. I needed to find a job. I found one within a week. I needed a place to live. I found one under budget. God gave me a peace before each tough move and decision I had to make. Everywhere I turned God was providing for me! I hadn't had a church family for years before this but knew I needed one. And boy did God provide!

Walking through the doors of The Dwelling in January 2019, I have never felt more at home. I felt so cared for, loved and welcomed. I cannot even count the number of times God has spoken directly to me through the words of a message or the conversation with others at The Dwelling. There have been times when God was telling me to do or say something and wouldn't you know it, the message spoke right to that thing. One of my children told me this past Mother's Day that I am a “believer in miracles.” I thought it was strange, but whatever. I would always say, “Well, miracles can happen,” but sarcastically. Y'all, I am here to say that my God is a God of miracles! Hearts can change. Though my miracle is still a work in progress, I know that God is with me every step of the way. I just have to keep listening. He knows my heart and what my heart desires. Though parts of my testimony are not easy, I am SO excited that God is not done writing my testimony.

Having so many people, speaking God’s life giving words over me has truly changed my perspective. I know God sees me. I know that God cares for me more than I will ever know. I am so thankful for people and church who show God's love and word unashamedly! - Amanda