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Feeling his love

“The presence of Jesus! The MORE! I attended the conference not really sure what my expectations were. I knew I had a longing to hear Jesus speak to me and I knew I was still struggling with full surrender. That first night I kept asking him to let me sit at his feet, to let me feel his presence, to give me just a little bit of his time. I was seeking instant gratification. Nothing happened but I continued to ask him. (Now thinking about it, I was like a little child begging for their busy father’s attention).

Shortly after, Theresa had asked who was feeling cold up to their knees. Me! I was feeling it. She said, “You’re in the river with Jesus!

On Saturday, I started the day the same way in constant conversation with him and he came to my side. He chose to sit next to me. I could feel Him there on my left side. It was like the feeling of goosebumps but there wasn’t a sign of them. I felt both hot and cold simultaneously.

Later in the day it was like prayerful hands on my shoulders during prayer, an indescribable calming, happy, and full feeling accompanied it! He was there—an attentive father throughout the day!

I SURRENDERED! He knows better than I do! He’s always there watching over me. He knew I was in a storm and just needed his shelter. I’m so grateful!” - Lesley

The True Meaning of Grace

“My biggest takeaway from MORE19 is my identity in Christ. No earthly label can compare to the Father calling me His daughter. I’ve been trying to hang onto things I’ve been forgiven for. This weekend I finally accepted that I am redeemed and indeed forgiven. I have since been able to offer forgiveness to my family at times and in ways that would have been filled with anger and frustration before. I have encountered the true meaning of grace.” - Brittany