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Words of Knowledge

“Yesterday, it had to have been more than some coincidence, as I experienced my first “God Moment” since I made the decision to follow and devote my life to Him two weeks ago. This actually started earlier this week, when my friend encouraged me to go down to the front and receive prayer after confiding in him that I had a very stressful and draining week. I’ll be honest, I always believed this time of the service was more for show than actually praying for the people requesting prayer. However, I told him that I would consider it.

When you began listing things that God had laid on your heart, as well as The Dwelling Team, the first thing you said, was “back and neck pain.” I have scoliosis and have dealt with this kind of pain a lot recently, but it was the least of my worries. I was sitting in my seat, and said “Nice try, God. That’s not enough.” Later, you began listing names. I honestly started to phase out, but towards the end, you listed Jeffery followed by Linda, in order. Those are my parents’ names. Saturday night, I was up late praying to God, because I have been experiencing an immense case of homesickness, due to being away from home for the first time (my parents live several states away). I am very close to my parents, as I am an only child. I prayed very hard the night before for my parents and they were on my heart the majority of the service.

I immediately began tearing up and went down with my friend to pray. This was the first time I knowingly and willingly was okay with someone I barely knew praying for me.” - K.H.