A New Home

“In 2017, God had placed it on my heart to move out of my home town in Jacksonville, Florida, and move to Savannah to help with a church plant. After a while of waiting and being patient God finally created a space for me to move! So, in February of 2018, I moved!

In Apr 2018, we finally launched our first service as a church. Shortly after in February of 2019 we received the news that our church will be closing its doors. The news was hard to take in. Immediately, I was filled with anger, frustration, and doubt on whether or not I heard from the Lord to move here. I was ultimately lost, without a church home. For the first time in my life I had to “church shop”. I had no idea what that meant, nor did I know how to look for a new church. I didn’t even know what I was looking for in a church, other than great worship, and a great message. I also had no idea what it was going to feel like when I did find that church. 

So, after my first attempt at one church, I kind of swore off looking for a new church because I was sure that God was going to move me out of Savannah really quickly. So why, if God was going to move me, would I try and become planted in a new church? Immediately God was like, ”Naw Girl. You Are Not About To Do That!” 
So, I attended The Dwelling Church with two of my best friends on April 14th. As soon as service was over I remember turning to them and saying, “If I didn’t visit another church in Savannah I would be ok.” 

From then on I haven’t really missed a Sunday. This church has brought me so much peace about moving to Savannah. It has made this city—that for about a year felt so foreign—feel like a new home. It may not be at the church that I thought God was calling me to, but I now believe it took that small step to bring me here. I feel that I now I have a spiritual family again and that God has me right where I need to be!” - Leah

Gunter Akridge