Purpose in tragedy

“Everything happens for a reason. I joined The Dwelling launch team immediately when I heard that someone needed my help to create spaces for others. It so happened that by joining the church I think it was preparing me for a rough time in my life.

Two months before we opened the doors at the Dwelling, I lost my mother unexpectedly in a car accident. I believe that Christ put me at The Dwelling for that reason.

The Dwelling shares so many of the beliefs and qualities that my mother held. My brother and I struggled with Mom in how she always would go out alone to feed the homeless, deliver clothes, or just pray over them. Mom would dress like a clown and go to the children’s hospital to cheer up the kids. I think I only was able to see a glimpse of how passionate and caring she was.

It was not until joining The Dwelling and being a part of the connect groups did I understand what her purpose was. I now see that it was simply to make a difference in someone’s life. If you know me, you know my mom, except she would make me look like a slacker!

I believe I am here for the purpose to serve and continue my mother’s passion to help others. To create spaces for people. I believe it all happened for a reason.” - Bobby

Gunter Akridge