Financial Provision for Surgery

“This latest testimony is like so many others in my life. Serving people is something important in my daily life. I recently helped a friend with a gift card meal to help during her recovery. The card seemed to not going through on the website, so I processed another one. Then I realized there was two charges when I called company. I thought this wonderful lady could use the extra help, so I just left the second one and prayed that recovery would be easier with this extra help.

The next day I was talking to my mother about my husband’s upcoming dental surgery being pricey and painful! She offered right away to send us enough money to help with the surgery. I never asked for the money. She also loves to help, especially her children!

My husband came to me today and said we were blessed because we paid it forward. This all happened by listening to that small voice that loves to touch each of us.” - Geory

Gunter Akridge