The day I died to myself

“My whole life, I've known Jesus. He's been walking with me since I can remember. I remember feeling his tangible presence at a young age and church life was my childhood. As a teen going into my young adult years, my life strayed so far and so quick that I lost control. Life started becoming really hard to process and depression and anxiety settled in. It was very hard for me to talk about it and ultimately it got the best of me. Years passed and my first 2 children were born. Life happened, and I realized it was no longer about me. My two kids deserved more. I knew I couldn't physically and mentally do it without Jesus carrying me. So, I came to church, a mess and with two babies. During a worship song, I remember vividly God's arms around me telling me to let go and trust. In that moment it was full surrender.

I've held on to Jesus really tight since then because life hasn't been smooth sailing. But the Glory experienced, the security, goodness, and peace that has been released saved my life. The day I died to myself, God made Himself alive in me. I will forever be grateful for the Church for helping me make my way back home.” - Daisy

Gunter Akridge