Wrist Healed

“As a believer of God, there aren't too many things that blow my mind. However, my mind is blown. 

Yesterday afternoon, my son wanted to get some batting practice in. While Shane was getting machine set up, I pitched to him to warm him up. Anyone who has ever watched him play ball knows he can slam that ball. I was comfortable pitching to him because he normally hits straight down 1st base line. Of course, he hits line drives every pitch. The first two, I was able to just duck as they weren't that hard hit due to him warming up. However, the 3rd line drive came hard and fast straight at my face. I instinctively put my arm up to protect my face and when I did, the ball hit my wrist bone on the side my pinky is on. The ball hit so hard on that bone that it busted the skin open over that bone. My wrist, pinky finger and ring finger immediately swelled. My hand and entire wrist immediately bruised. I knew it was either fractured or broken but also knew there was zero point in me going to urgent care or ER just to be told to see ortho. My husband finally got my rings off of my swollen fingers, we iced it and I decided to just hold my arm up (it throbbed all of the way through my fingers when I put it down) until morning when I would call and make an appointment to have it seen......but GOD!

As we said our nightly prayers, my husband and my sons prayed for healing over my wrist. I woke up this morning, reached for my phone to make an appointment and notify my office I wouldn't be in this morning. As I was googling the phone number to my doctor, I realized I was holding the phone and typing with my left hand and IT DIDN'T HURT!! I turned the light on and there was no bruising, no swelling and ZERO pain. The only evidence of my getting hit with a line drive is a little cut over my wrist bone.” - Amanda