Obedience and Financial Miracles

“In 2017 we were struggling financially due to the extremely high cost of living in Pennsylvania. With three kids it was just overwhelming. After doing some Bible study I decided to completely commit to doing God’s word, which included tithing our first fruits. I told my wife, who immediately thought I was crazy, but she agreed to do it.

The following Sunday we tithed for the first time. At the time we were paying for groceries and diapers with credit cards which were almost maxed out. Without expecting anything we just faithfully tithed as God commanded.

Two weeks later the blessings started miraculously falling down from Heaven like rain! My wife had a car which at some point had a late or missed payment which had snowballed into $750 of late fees. After attempting to negotiate the late fees numerous times, she tried again. This time the debt was forgiven along with all the late fees!

I had a credit card which had a $10,000 balance and I was making no headway on it. Without a single phone call or anything on my part, I woke up one morning to find that the bank had suddenly forgiven over $4,600 in debt with no explanation! It could only be attributed to God’s mercy.

Next, we were so surprised when we received a $4,100 return on our taxes, which allowed us to pay off some of the credit card debt.

Finally, I had several oil and gas wells on some property in Louisiana which had not produced in years. On March 1, 2018, they started producing, and we received a check for $1,500, and they continue to produce to this day. To God be the glory!” - Shane

Gunter Akridge