Laid At Jesus' Feet

“The MORE conference. Where do I start? Coming into the conference, I didn't expect to be wrecked. I expected to be refueled, on fire for Jesus, and ready to go out and do His assignment. BUT boy did God have different plans for me! He did those amazing things in me, but He also changed EVERYTHING.

You see, I pray, I worship, I read, but what I didn't realize was that I was doing these things without fully being free. As a person, I grieve for my children, my husband, and some close to me for situations that need miracles. Some of these things have kept me in a constant state of battle because of circumstance. God brought something to my attention- sometimes when you petition for so long, you don't realize that the pain and disappointments along the way in life have a way of altering how you fight. Guilt can settle in, walls go up, and the FILTER becomes expired. The conference helped me realize that my fight wasn't FULLY and completely purified through the Holy Spirit.

I prayed going into this conference for MORE of Jesus. And what I experienced with receiving "the MORE" was the pressing, the stretching, the purifying, the crushing, the transparency, and ultimately the pain and disappointments being laid at Jesus' feet. God knew I couldn't move forward without allowing Him to re-surface me. I wouldn't change receiving any of those things because of what was produced from that. A NEWNESS. Oxygen to my soul. Vision. Even a new way of grieving for things I cannot change. But most importantly a strengthened relationship with my Father. I'm still processing, but the weight is no longer there. It's just me and Jesus. He holds me. He fights for me. He leads me beside quiet waters. He is good. Always.

Forever engrained on my heart-Sometimes you have to remind yourself to die daily, for God to truly live through you. Less of me. More of Jesus.” - Daisy

Gunter Akridge