Hope after divorce

“I started attending The Dwelling in 2018. For months and months I followed every post my friend made on her Facebook about the Dwelling. It was almost like something was calling me to attend. Upon walking through the doors I already felt like I was home. I felt like everything I have been looking for was right here.

In 2016, I started my journey as a single parent after a 16-year marriage. I never planned on getting divorced, but I did. I was in a pretty low place realizing that I had closed myself off to the world. My pride had gotten the best of me. I was Lost. I was full of anger and resentment and filled with sadness. I tried to stay away from church. I never felt comfortable, always feeling judged. Not this time. Not at the Dwelling.

During that first service, I made a connection with Jesus and I cried my heart out. Each day since then my connection only grows stronger. I believe he sought me out relentlessly in my time of need, and he brought me back. God is so good.” - Lesley

Gunter Akridge