Optic Nerve Healed

“In May, I was told that the cause of my focal migraines (not the 2-3 milder seasonal migraines I get) was a misshapen optic nerve in my right eye. It was causing extreme pain. I was sent to a specialist and he said the optic nerve is like a donut and they like to see both openings about the same size and under a four. My left eye measured 3 and my right eye measured 6. Another specialist re-measured to make sure and she got 3 and 5.5. So they referred me to an optic nerve specialist. I went to church the following Sunday and several of you guys gathered around me and prayed. My husband and son have also been praying for me that I wouldn't have to take those glaucoma eyedrops for the rest of my life or have risky surgery. I went back for the follow up yesterday and she had to run the test twice because my right eye is down to a 3.5. Her words were, "I want to send you to the eye institute for two more tests because the optic nerve doesn't repair itself like that. I'm afraid I might have missed something.

And there you go!! Isn't that just like God!! And by the way, I haven't had a focal migraine since June!” - Kathi